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Run 3 is an endless runner game that takes place in outer space. You control a unique character, navigating them through a series of challenging platforms suspended in zero gravity. The goal is to reach as far as possible without falling off the platforms or getting caught by the void.


  • Use the arrow keys (or WASD keys) to control your character’s movement.
  • Press the Spacebar or the Up arrow key to make your character jump.
  • If your character has special abilities, you can activate them using different keys specified in the game.

How to Play:

  1. Launch the game and select your character.
  2. The game begins with your character automatically running forward on a series of platforms. The platforms have various shapes, sizes, and orientations.
  3. Use the arrow keys or the WASD keys to control your character’s movement. Left and right keys move your character horizontally, while the up key or Spacebar makes your character jump.
  4. Be careful not to fall off the platforms or touch the void, as it will result in failure.
  5. As you progress, the difficulty level increases with new challenges, such as rotating platforms, moving obstacles, and gaps.
  6. Along the way, you may encounter power-ups that grant special abilities to your character, such as double-jumping, running faster, or even defying gravity.
  7. Collect as many power cells scattered throughout the platforms as possible to earn points and unlock new characters.
  8. Aim to reach the farthest distance possible to set high scores and compete with friends or other players online.
  9. Keep in mind that the longer you play, the faster your character’s speed becomes, making it more challenging to navigate through the platforms.
  10. Enjoy the addictive and fast-paced gameplay as you test your reflexes and try to beat your own records.

Note: The actual controls and gameplay mechanics may vary depending on the platform and version of the game you are playing.